Gents Team has another great Victory in Division 1.

          Lanarkshire Men’s Inter Club Match


Division…1………………….        Date.18/06/15………………. Venue….Cambuslang………………………………………



Home Team pts Away Team pts
Cambuslang 8.5 Kirkhill 1.5



Game Home Team Player pts Away Team Player pts Score
example J Blogs 1 John Do 0 2&1
1 K Loughrie 1 S Nelson 0 6&5
2 G Rodger 1 R Irvine 0    1up
3 C Kerr 1 M Fellows 0    6&5
4 JJ Smith 1 C Andrew 0 1up
5 P Foy 1 A Brown 0 4&3
6 S Geddes 1 F Kane 0 1up
7 C Cochrane 1 S Garland 0 2&1
8            S Gillespie 0 R Selkirk 1 3&2
9             J Cibelli .5 L Irvine .5 A/S
10 S Philbin 1 A Scott 0 8&7


Seniors’ Team

Seniors’ Team Match v Hollandbush G.C. on Monday 22nd. June.

In Game 1, John Bell & Fraser won by 5&3.

In Game 2. Kenny McGeachy & John Shanks won by 8&6.

In Game 3. John Dickson & Tom Nisbet won by 3&2.

In Game 4, Norrie Cloughley & David Drain won by 4&2.

In Game 5, Alan Dunsford & Alistair McVittie lost by 2&1.

Cambuslang G.C. won 4 to 1.

Next Game , Larkhall G.C. at 11:15 on Wednesday 24th. June. 

Gorman Cup & Rodney Taylor Results.

Alex McLaughlin carried his seasons form forward from winning the Seniors Title to lifting the 2015 Gorman Cup.

Full Results.

Gorman Cup

1st Alex McLaughlin

2nd David Bell

3rd Tom Forbes

The Rodney Taylor trophy for lowest gross score was:-

1st Martin Reilly

2nd Alex McLauglin

3rd David Bell.


Home Gents match v Drumpelier

The Rescheduled Gents 1st Division Team Home match with Drumpelier has been rescheduled again after the initial and secondary rescheduling’s. The match will now take place on Monday 15th June 2015 at 5.15pm unless it is rescheduled again.

The Tee will be reserved from 5.15 to 6.15 or till the last match has tee’d off if earlier.

If you are able to follow the thread above you are a better person than the Secretary.

Alan R Smith