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Cambuslang Crew win National Charity Event.

A Cambuslang Team of Vice-Captain Fraser Russell, Martin Reilly and Neil Frame were the winners of this years Children’s 1st Charity Tri-Am held at Bothwell Castle Golf Course on Sunday 17th May 2015. Each years Golf Clubs across the Country hold their own Tri-Am and submit their score to Children 1st. The top five male and female scores are chosen from these and invited to this annual event. Once again Cambuslang rose to the top, as cream so often does, and arrived home with a wonderful shield.

Well done to the boys on winning and thanks to the members who enter the Tri-Am each year for supporting this worthy Charity.

Alan R Smith




Seniors’ Team Match at Hollandbush G.C.

The Seniors’ Team won their first match of the year, 3&1/2 to 1&1/2, away to Hollandbush G.C., on Thursday, 7th. of May.

Robert Anderson & Alastair McVittie won the 1st. match, 6&4,
the 2nd. game out was won, 3&2 by John Bell & Fraser Russell,
John Shanks & Kenny McGeachy in the 3rd. game won by 5&4,
game 4 saw John Dickson & Tom Nesbit gain a half on the last green,
in the last game Ian Muir & Jim Robertson lost to a to a team who putted as well as John Dickson,
The reserves, Norrie Cloughley & Alan Dusnsford lost their game.
The next Match is on Wednesday, 20th. of May at home.

Course Reopened

Thanks to the hard work of our Green staff the course is now able to open again.

Alan R Smith



Course Closed Thursday 7th May.

Due to the heavy rain we have had in the past few days the drains have backed up leaving raw effluent  in some areas, most notably the 3rd Green, 4th Tee and 2nd Fairway. For Health & Safety reason I will have to close the course till these drains can be examined, cleared and the raw waste sanitised.  I apologise for any inconvenience.

Alan R Smith