Monthly Archives: October 2015

Tee Reserved Sunday 18th October. Winter Greens Thursday 22nd October.

Sunday 18th October we have both a visiting party of 30 from the Kirkhill Bar and the Captain and 20 members from Blairbeth Golf Club. The first tee will therefore be closed from 10:30 till 17:00. Any persons playing their second round prior to 10:30 may obviously finish their eighteen. The fact that 50 players will be on the course means there will be nowhere for members to “Cut in” so the course is in reality closed.

I apologise to the regular Sunday Ladies and Gents but this is valuable revenue for the club as well as a potential 50 new members.

On Thursday 22nd October 2015 were are bringing in a deep thatch remover. As previously discussed the thatch in our greens has caused them to be at less than their best. This machinery will literally rip large swathes of it out and inject sand into the channels that are left. This will enable the greens to be played on as normal but for the Thursday 22nd Winter greens will be in operation for the day.

Alan R Smith


Tee Reseeding.

Members and visitors may notice that the Yellow and Medal Tee positions have been moved forward and large area at the rear of the Tee’s cordoned off. This is to take advantage of the present good weather and allowing new growth for next year to ensure we start next season with perfect Tee’s.

Alan R Smith.