Monthly Archives: January 2016

Course Closed.

It will be of no surprise that the rainfall has shut the course. With the forecast of rain and snow for the coming week it is not looking good and Bobby Robertson has already started gathering the animals in their two’s to board the Ark.
I will keep you updated via white dove.


Course will reopen Saturday 23rd January

Having spoken with Head Green Keeper Stephen Cameron and Greens (and White Hoops) Convenor JJ Smith the course will open on Saturday morning (23rd January) first thing. We will be on Winter Greens only for the weekend. We will be looking out for the little Winter Gnomes who try to put on the full greens and spraying them with the “No Chance” insecticide. If anyone happens to come across any of these pesky gnomes please feel free to kick them off the course or pass them to the Secretary Troll who will grind their bones to dust.

Alan R Smith


Course Open!!

To the sound of trumpets and under a banner or bunting the Head Green Keeper Stephen Cameron will be opening the course at 10.30am this morning (Thursday 14th January).

We will be on winter greens and caution should still be taken as the course is still as slippery as a politician beining questioned on exspenses.

Swing well.


Course Closed

Due to the recent heavy rain and now freezing conditions there are areas of heavy frost with ice underneath making conditions dangerous. Due to this the course is now closed till further notice. Snow is also forecast for tonight and tomorrow

Alan R Smith