Monthly Archives: September 2016

Course Closed.

Due to the heavy rain leaving the course sodden and slippery the Head Greenkeeper has closed the course as of now. 1.30pm Friday 30th September 2016.

The course will be re-examined early on Saturday 1st and the Website updated.

Please check out the website at to establish if course is open or closed tomorrow.


Alan R Smith


Course Open. Work Ongoing.

The Course has reopened for play. There is still water lying in some bunkers and this should be treated as Ground Under repair.

A few members have noted that there have been chaps in yellow jackets working in the car park and leaving stakes. At present we have a water pipe that runs under the 9th green and 1st tee. This pipe is requiring replaced and AMEY are assisting Scottish water in this. A new route is proposed to protect the course so members will see small test holes being dug in the grass at the rear of the car park and down the pathway at the sixth hole.

Can members please be cautious when playing the sixth over the next two days as the workman will be working adjacent to the red blaze path from the bridge up upwards the 7th Tee.

Work at this time is exploratory and any full pipe laying will be done in the winter time. I have been assured that AMEY will rectify any damage caused.

Thank you for your assistance.

Alan R Smith


The Head Green Keeper has closed the course at present due to the amount of rain that has fallen and the softness of the greens. This will be re-examined at 11am and members updated.

Alan R Smith