Monthly Archives: November 2016

Course Closed. Thursday 17th November 2016.

To prevent damage and preserve the long term well-being of the course it will be closed today Thursday 17th November 2016 following days of heavy rain.

The course should be open again tomorrow but unfortunately I cannot update by e-mail as access to this service is not possible from Spain where I will be playing the Championship course Alloha in 23 degree sunshine.

Thank you for your perseverance and please keep putting Euros in the coffee machine to fund my long weekends.

On a more serious note the decision to close the course is not taken lightly. There are three people who can open and close the course. The Head Green Keeper, The Greens Convenor and off course the Captain. It is fully accepted that our members are paying a substantial amount of money to play 365 days a year and there were many complaints last year when the course was closed more than normal. I would remind you though that we pay our Head Green Keeper Stephen Cameron to make these decisions and last year he presented to us a golf course that was in the best condition it had been for a large number of years. Yes it is frustrating to miss a game or golf or two in the winter but I hope you all agree that the course under the stewardship of the Captain, Greens Committee and Stephen has been steadily improving and will continue to do so.

Your tanned secretary.


No Buggy or Trolley use Wednesday 16th November 2016

Due to the very soft condition of the course the Greens Keeper has instructed that no trolleys or buggies can be used on the course today Wednesday 16th November. This will be revisited tomorrow.
A wee note also that it is not sufficient to take your ball off the fairway and hit it from the light rough. Mats must be used on fairways as continued play from the light rough causes so much damage.

Alan R Smith