At last the weather is changing and we are able to use the course though a ban still remains on buggies or trolleys.
I have heard that there have been some complaining that Cambuslang has been shut while Kirkhill and Cathkin have been open. I do not want to insult these peoples intelligence but that is like saying the beach is wet while the hills are dry. There is a reason SEPA say we are in a flood plain with the Clyde so close while Kirkhill and Cathkin are well above the water table.
The same people will no doubt ask why no trolleys or buggies as they have wide wheels which distribute the weight. The reason is that a wheel is in constant contact with the ground and leaves lines. Foot prints are spaced so have more chance of recovery. Can I tell you we are not even letting the tractor on the course due to the grass being torn.
Welcome back to playing!